Home office & garden room

I work from home as a graphic designer and after finding out a new baby was on the way, finding somewhere I could escape the hustle and bustle of a busy household was not only desirable but essential.

I met with Steve, who right from the beginning had a 'can do' approach to all my ideas.

I drew out a sketch of what I wanted, (although there were a huge selection of designs he had already produced which I could of chosen from), we discussed the options such as roofing, external cladding and finish and within a couple of days I had a quote.

I found the quote extremely competitive compared to other bespoke manufacturers and even comparable if not better than a lot of the diy kits available.

Apex timber buildings are built using stud walls, the same way internal walls are built in your home

He explained about the advantages of the way he worked compared to some of the diy shed builds that I'd seen advertised on the internet.

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Pigeon loft

Pigeon loft

Pigeon lofts continue to be popular throughout the North East and we’ve built lofts both large and small for individuals and clubs. Experience of working with pigeon and bird fanciers has lead to a variety of custom built pigeon lofts with rooms sectioned off for storing feed, housing birds by age, breed and condition.

Garden room

Apex roofed garden room

View garden rooms with apex roof designs. apex roof garden room apex roof garden room garden room garden room garden room garden room garden room garden room garden room garden room